With the block of Swimming lessons I had been having coming to an end last week I was looking at making Tuesday my day off.
Little did I know Coach M….sorry I mean Mrs M, had a little plan up her sleeve, Yoga.
Always eager to help me in any way possible Mrs M having heard about the benefits to Triathletes of the art of Yoga had sourced a local class to attend.
I was a little apprehensive as Mrs M explained that it was at the local WI hall and although being advertised as both a male and female class the only other male had been to last weeks class for his first time but there was no guarantee he would turn up this week….I could be the only male present.
Upon turning up fifteen minutes early, mainly to have a quick introductory chat with Margaret the tutor my fears were allayed as the other guy returned for his second lesson.
The class commenced with floor stretching moves and progressed on to quite a lot of balance work, culminating with a period at the end which involved blankets, Savasana I believe, and falling asleep….I don’t think I was supposed to do the last bit but alas being warm and comfortable does tend to have this effect on me.
All in all it was a good introduction to Yoga and I will be returning next week if for nothing else but to give my fellow male student moral support….