Today should have been a double header with strength training this morning, getting up at 5am to do an hour before work, and a run tonight.

But it was swimming last night, 450 metres in the lanes first then a lesson of 45minutes. The clever person would have had a little warm up first then the lesson but unfortunately this is me we are talking about and I cannot resist the urge to put the laps in during my new found love of swimming so 750 metres later….

When I finally got home at 8.30pm, had a quick bite to eat I was left shattered. To bed at 10pm, forgot to set the alarm, which isn’t normally a problem as I normally wake with the dawn chorus at 4am, not today no today Andy was shattered and late up.

So now I have a dilemma, I will run tonight but where now do I slot in my strength training? I do two sessions a week, one midweek and the other at the weekend, do I miss one or try again tomorrow morning?

Answers on a postcard please….