As I said in an earlier post, in   August 2013 I weighed in at a whooping 14.5 stone. It was the culmination of years of over indulgement at a well known high street bakery (the wife Rhiannon often jokes that takings must be down), local cafes and just generally food abuse with little or any exercise. In my younger days I had always carried a little as they say but since the age of 40 it had steadily been piling on. 
Back in the April of that year the bottom had fallen out of Rhiannon’s world and mine along with it…she was diagnosed with a cancer of the blood ( I will bang the drum about the fantastic cause I am doing this series of Triathlon Challenges for in my next post and yes I did say series of challenges). Like many cancers there is no cure at the moment and at times it is very debilitating for her.
Now it occurred to me that if I maintained my present rate of growth I would probably weigh in at something in the region of 18 stone by the age of 50. Now not only would this have been no good for me but what good would I be to Rhiannon to support her on the road ahead?
Things had to change….
For me the changing of eating habits that had ingrained themselves in my pyche for the past 10 years was the hardest of all the things I have ever done and it took more self discipline to do than for me to exercise each night after a days work. But over time with careful planning and perseverance it has proven to be quite easy after all….and I do quite often ask myself the question why I did not do it earlier.
As they say it has to be a lifestyle change otherwise the weight will go back on…